Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Most Baffling Thing I Ever Witnessed

I've been baffled by many things, but there is one thing that still baffles me to this day, which was especially very strange and eerie.

Without identifying this person, there is some background information I will also share that may or may not have something to do with the incident.

The incident took place in my college dormitory. I was a senior and I was engaged to be married to a fellow student. One afternoon I was in the dorm room of my fiance, and through the paper-thin walls of the room we would often hear her next door neighbor snoring as she took a nap. But one day it was not snoring coming out of her as she napped, but something that was like ritual chanting - specifically Native American chanting is the closest I could describe it as, and it was done in a language I could not identify. It was not a recording of any sort, because her voice was distinct, yet the ritual chanting was done as if it was a professional doing it without interruption and without any hesitation and as creepy as it sounded it was done quite beautifully. It was constant, loud, and went on for at least an hour.

My fiance and I, when we heard this, put our ears against the wall to hear what was going on as clearly as possible, and we just looked at each other with confusion, amazement and shock.

People might say: "Well, she probably was a Native American, or spent time among them, or even perhaps liked to listen to recordings of Native American chant and now it was coming out as she slept subconsciously." I assure you, we knew this girl, and none of that was the case.

This next door neighbor was a very overweight Greek girl, who at the time was being harassed with very sexually explicit phone calls by an anonymous caller and also by a defrocked mentally unstable priest who would look up at her into her bedroom through the window (she was on the second floor). We had reason to believe both of these things were being done by the same person. For weeks we were investigating the matter and came down to two possible culprits, but we never figured it out. These were days before cell phones. The neighbor was very stressed out by the situation. When the perpetrator found out my fiance and I were investigating the matter, my fiance also received a few very sexually explicit phone calls. After that it stopped.

That day when we heard the Native American chanting, or whatever it was as I am only describing what it sounded like, my fiance and I were seriously contemplating about entering her room as she slept, since she always left her door unlocked. Till this day I regret we did not go in. I think it will forever be a mystery. We always wanted to ask her about it, but because she was going through other things at the time, we decided that it may further stress her out if we brought it up. This was only a one time occurrence and it never happened again.

Now this girl was a sweet and kind girl, very cool and easy to get along with, and I don't want anyone to think that she was demon possessed. However, a few years prior, it was reported by another male student that he saw a demonic figure in that area of the dormitory. Is there some sort of connection? I am baffled by the whole thing to this day.