Monday, October 7, 2019

Thoughts of the Week (1)

My original purpose for this website was to just write down random thoughts about things I was interested in writing about. One way I wanted to do this was to offer a brief overview of my activities and thoughts every Monday from the previous week. This will be my first attempt at doing this, but as I pondered over my thoughts and activities from the previous week, I was a bit overwhelmed by how much I could possibly write about, so I will just go over a few of the events I have attended since last Thursday, and offer some thoughts about each.

While box office numbers showed that most of the country if not the world went out to see the movie Joker this past weekend, and while I usually watch movies like this the first weekend they come out, I was busy with other things, so I haven't seen it yet, but hope to talk about it next week. The reason I didn't see it is because October in New England is a time to attend unique events that I preferred to attend. Among some of these, I will highlight the following: