Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Stench of Hagia Sophia (part two)

On July 24th I wrote about the future stench of Hagia Sophia due to the fact that as a mosque it is now required for people to enter Hagia Sophia barefoot onto a carpeted floor. Over time, especially in popular mosques that bring in a lot of people, the carpets begin to contain a horrendous odor. Even though the Muslim worshipers are required to wash their feet before entering, visitors and non-Muslims are not, which makes these popular mosques especially stinky. In the future, those who want to spend some time in Hagia Sophia will have to contend against the inevitable stench.

On August 1st photos began to emerge from within Hagia Sophia that is beginning to confirm not only that a stench is coming, but also a possible future destruction. These photos are being posted online by Turkish citizens and journalists who are bemoaning the fact that Hagia Sophia is not being respected as it should be, and its possible destruction may be on the horizon.

In these photos you will see shoes on the exhibits and people lying down on the carpet of Hagia Sophia either to photograph or be photographed. The inner gates have been turned into shoe racks on the right and left as if they were doors to an apartment, with no interest in protecting the marbles. Also, some people are wearing socks, while others wear no socks at all.

One of the reasons Hagia Sophia became a museum in the 1930's was because Hagia Sophia was not being taken care of properly and it was falling into total disrepair as a mosque. Now we are getting a first glimpse how a lack of oversight could ruin Hagia Sophia once again if it continues to be a mosque in the decades to come.