Saturday, August 3, 2019

"Proud God Loving Christian" Kills 20 in Mass Shooting in El Paso

I just went online to get the latest updates on the mass shooting in El Paso, and to no surprise the liberal left in their desperation to gain some moral high ground and give themselves an excuse to express outrage against those who disagree with them, are quick to place blame on President Donald Trump, with most of the headlines I saw now reading something like "Trump Supporter Kills 20 in Mass Shooting in El Paso." However, the shooter also describes himself as an "amateur ghost hunter," a "gamer," and a "proud God loving Christian." When I googled the shooters name with "Trump" added, numerous headlines about the shooting came up calling the shooter a "Trump supporter," as if this had a major role in his decision to kill people, but when I googled the shooters name followed by the word "Christian" there was not one headline that identified him as a Christian or follower of Christ. This means that media sources are assuming him being a Christian had nothing to do with his decision to kill a bunch of people. Nor do they blame video games or ghosts, because I looked those up too. So why single out Trump? Because liberal reporters don't care about the victims, just about gaining a political advantage. They actually think our memory is so short that we don't remember the fact that these things happened long before Trump came on the scene.

The truth of the matter is very simple - the shooter did not kill because of Trump just as he did not kill because of Jesus, video games or ghosts; the shooter killed because he chose to kill, and it is no one's fault but his own and the ideology he chose to formulate or accept in his mind. But that is too boring of an explanation for many, and won't help much in the next election.

Anyway, I just saw a documentary on Mike Wallace and had journalism on my mind.